Review: “The Menu”

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that director Mark Mylod’s first feature film in over 10 years (his previous one was the 2011 Chris Evans/Anna Faris romantic comedy “What’s Your Number?” a movie I forgot even existed until I looked that up) is a skewering of upper class vapidity. Mylod’s extensive television credits include, […]

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Review: “The Northman”

A sword fight within the depths of a fiery volcano. Ethan Hawke crawling around on all fours and barking like a dog. A screeching Valkyrie riding into heavens. A prisoner bound and gagged by the innards of another victim. Björk appearing in her first feature film in over 15 years as a Seeress, adorned in […]

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Review: “Last Night in Soho”

The sparkling lights of a theatre marquee; the swishy minidresses and dapper suits swirling across the dance floor; classy cocktails and a singer crooning—if that all sounds like something out of a dream, that’s because it is. Eloise Turner’s dream, to be exact. Eloise, who goes by Ellie, and is played by the always great […]

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Review: “Emma.” (2020)

4 out of 5 stars. Jane Austen possessed a sensibility about feminism, class, and other social matters that was in many ways ahead of her time.  The timeliness and timelessness of her work is always apparent when it is newly adapted, and director Autumn de Wilde and screenwriter Eleanor Catton’s version of “Emma.” is no […]

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