Review: “Paris, 13th District”

The City of Lights and the City of Love serves as the backdrop for a less than swoony romance in “Paris, 13th District.” Directed by Jacques Audiard, who co-wrote the screenplay along with Léa Mysius and Céline Sciamma based on Adrian Tomine’s series of short comic stories, the film’s French title, “Les Olympiades,” is derived […]

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Review: “Ambulance”

In a world where most action movies are associated with an existing franchise and thrive on computer-generated effects and characters, “Ambulance”— with its confined setting and small cast and mostly practical effects, a film that is constantly going so fast and so hard it feels like everyone involved must have been snorting coke behind the […]

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Review: “The Outfit”

Cutting is an exacting profession. That’s evident from a montage at the start of “The Outfit,” over which Leonard Burling (Mark Rylance) describes the precise act of measuring fabric, chalking out a pattern, and cutting it. Burling is an English cutter who ended up moving to Chicago and opening up a shop there, for reasons […]

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Streaming Movie Reviews

Today I’m recapping some of the many movies that were released in March that you can watch on streaming services right now, among them the Adrian Lyne/Ben Affleck/Ana de Armas erotic thriller “Deep Water,” which finally found a home on Hulu after it was removed from the release calendar at the end of last year, […]

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Review: “Cow”

Director Andrea Arnold has said of the subject of her latest film, “When I look at Luma, our cow, I see the whole world in her.” Luma is the titular “Cow” of Arnold’s first documentary project, shot over the course of several years at Park Farm in Kent, England. Working with cinematographer Magda Kowalcyzk, Arnold […]

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Review: “Morbius”

“Morbius” is a pretty lousy movie. I try not to judge a film too harshly before I’ve had a chance to actually watch it, but you likely won’t be surprised to hear that based on the film’s many release delays (some due to the pandemic, others more recently due to making way for other, presumably […]

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