Review: “TÁR”

“Tár’s” breakdown of power hierarchies begins before we are even introduced to its subject, before we really have an inkling of what writer director and producer Todd Field’s 3rd feature film is actually about. It opens with a backwards end credit sequence in which the crew members typically relegated to the bottom of the list […]

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Review: “Halloween Ends”

Walking out of my screening of “Halloween Ends” last week, I witnessed what may be considered a microcosm of most die hard fans’ reaction to David Gordon Green’s final installment in his “Halloween” trilogy: a man, wearing a “Halloween” T-shirt and clutching a Michael Myers mask in one hand, shouting at his friends—or perhaps no […]

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TIFF 22 Female Filmmaker Roundup

When I attended the Toronto International Film Festival for the first time this year, I really wanted to prioritize watching films by female filmmakers, of which the festival seemed to have a great slate this year. Out of the 31 movies I saw at the festival, 11 of them were by female directors—a decent number, […]

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TIFF Review: “Chevalier”

Toronto International Film Festival 2022 Special Presentations World Premiere “Chevalier” introduces its subject in spectacularly dynamic fashion: Joseph Bologne (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) walks into a concert held by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart like he owns the place, and challenges the famed composer to a duel, their violins their weapons. The resulting face-off, during which Joseph and […]

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Review: “Blonde”

Kim Kardashian stirred up controversy for the gown she chose to wear to the Met Gala earlier this year, although not because of the look itself. The buzz came, rather, courtesy of the gown’s origins: it was the same nude-colored, beaded dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1962, when she famously sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. […]

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