Review: “Please Baby Please”

As young men clad in leather jackets leap and twirl down a dark street, the opening scene of “Please Baby Please” immediately draws a visual parallel to the classic romantic musical “West Side Story,” which begins with rival gang members dancing around the city until they meet and conflict ensues. But Amanda Kramer’s “Please Baby […]

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Review: “She Said”

It goes without saying that the New York Times’ October 2017 breaking of their investigation into sexual misconduct by influential Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein is the single most influential piece of journalism of the last decade. Investigated by Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the story’s publication resulted in 82 women coming forward […]

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Review: “The Menu”

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that director Mark Mylod’s first feature film in over 10 years (his previous one was the 2011 Chris Evans/Anna Faris romantic comedy “What’s Your Number?” a movie I forgot even existed until I looked that up) is a skewering of upper class vapidity. Mylod’s extensive television credits include, […]

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Review: “Armageddon Time”

I walked out of “Armageddon Time,” writer and director James Gray’s coming-of-age drama inspired by his own upbringing, feeling an unexpected sense of unease. I attribute it to the fact that when I watched the movie, it was election night in America, the midterms that would determine, among other things, which party takes control of […]

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Review: “Something in the Dirt”

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s latest film, “Something in the Dirt,” concludes with a dedication: “to making movies with your friends.” This is the fifth feature film the pair have written and directed together (they also star) in a filmography that includes everything from indie (“The Endless”) to big budget sci-fi (“Synchronic” for Netflix), as […]

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Review: “Ticket to Paradise”

“Ticket to Paradise,” director Ol Parker’s Bali-set romantic comedy, closes with a good old-fashioned blooper reel playing over the end credits. In the footage, stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney goof off, riff off each other, laugh hysterically, and just seem to overall be having a great time in each other’s company. The pair, who […]

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Review: “TÁR”

“Tár’s” breakdown of power hierarchies begins before we are even introduced to its subject, before we really have an inkling of what writer director and producer Todd Field’s 3rd feature film is actually about. It opens with a backwards end credit sequence in which the crew members typically relegated to the bottom of the list […]

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