Noirvember: “Laura” (1944)

The film “Laura” begins after the titular character (played by Gene Tierney in flashbacks) has already died, murdered inside her apartment, immediately setting the tone for one of the most intriguing and complex film noirs ever put on film. Her death is investigated by detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews), who spends the first part of […]

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Noirvember: “Key Largo” (1948)

“Key Largo”, the fourth and final film pairing of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, is significantly different from their previous movies together. The film does have elements of noir, but neither actor plays their typical character, and, in fact, much of the movie’s focus is on another character entirely. Bogart plays Frank McCloud, a World War II veteran who travels […]

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Noirvember: “Double Indemnity” (1944)

In honor of Noirvember—a celebration of the film noir genre created by @oldfilmsflicker on Twitter—I wanted to take some time throughout this month to highlight some classic films noir that I love. Film noir is probably the most intriguing and unique of all film genres; they can sometimes be difficult to characterize. These stylized, black-and-white crime […]

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